Everyone wants a healthy life and healthy body ,if you follow these top 5 fitness tricks you will find a better life soon.


Calories burnt 800 cals/hr, this mainly targets your legs,hips and bump.which are often the areas that woman most wants to tone.doing an hour a day. split into to half and hour sessions,while in sure that you see result with inti it,if you are not sure he to do these check out seven best ab exercise ,another similar exercise is bench pressing,which goes very well in sets, with step aerobic, i found it really hard to do them to start with ,so make sure you are doing them right or you il see no result.

top 5 fitness facts


Calories burnt 500—1000 cals /hr .depending on ho fast you go,this can be real calorie burner,riding outside is always enjoyable,but you arec little short on time,invest in a good quality exercise bike,this is my favourite calories burner because it is so easy to do.How about riding while watching TV,find that cycling through my favourite tv show,keep me distracted ,but working hard.

top 5 fitness facts


Calories burnt 800 cals/hr swimming up and down the poll for an hour will burnt of 800 calories and also tone your entire body .stay motivated by giving yourself half an hour extra to make use of the jacuzzi when you have finished.


Calories burnt 800 cals/hr,there is a lot of side to side,running involved which gives you a great cardio workout and also health tone thighs and legs, i also find this too be much more sociable which keeps knee working out for longer and stops me from skipping to my gym seasion.


Calories burn 600 cals/hr this is brilliant cardio that also help build strong muscles .your stomach gets toned while you are at it too,personally find the elliptical burner,Really boring so i split my season into 10 minutes bursts at different time of the day .listening to some up beats music really helps.

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